03 January 2017

Shenton Co., Ltd (Myanmar) and The Learning Grid Group (Singapore) Signed a Strategic Joint Venture to Deliver Next Generation Bi-Lingual Pre-School Services and English Enrichment Classes in Myanmar.

The Joint Venture is formed to support Myanmar’s human capital development at the pre-school age. Its first area of focus is the Right On Top Programme, a technology-based and media-rich learning approach in children’s English linguistics development and cultivation of their creative imaginations.

YANGON and SINGAPORE – Shenton Co., Ltd (Parent company of Temasek International College), a holistic education management, policy, leadership and operations solutions provider in Myanmar and The Learning Grid Group, the specialist in preschool curriculum, proprietor to Right On Top Programme and technology integration for children’s learning in Singapore, signed a Joint Venture on 25th December 2016 in Yangon.

This JV is honoured to have the advisory services of Mr. Er Kwong Wah, the Permanent Secretary of Singapore Ministry of Education (1987 to 1994), Permanent Secretary of Singapore Ministry of Community Development (June 1, 1994 to December 31, 1997) and current Board Member of 13 organizations and publicly listed companies across 19 industries.

The JV will combine Shenton’s expertise in holistic education management, policy, leadership and operations solutions intra-Myanmar with The Learning Grid’s market leading education technologies to deliver solutions for today’s increasingly vital preschool landscape.

Together Shenton and The Learning Grid are co-innovating around Pre-school learning technological platforms and classroom teaching methods to provide international preschool education in Myanmar at affordable fees.

The Right On Top Programme will bring a new approach in education to make learning fun and effective. The Programme incorporates award-winning international television shows that will make learning exciting for children. Lessons are packed with innovative ways to help children learn through our Let’s Sing, Let’s Talk, Let’s Do, Let’s Draw and Let’s Read activities.

These 21st century learning methods will allow children be confident learners whilst developing their creativity and imaginative abilities.

Mr. Teng Cheong Thye, Chairman of Shenton Co., Ltd commented “As we enter a new era in preschool learning, parents must co-participate to integrate innovative learning methods into their children’s education. This is why we are working with The Learning Grid Group, which is founded by education entrepreneurs Mr. Yee Jenn Jong and Ms. Sharon Ngoi, who have earlier started the widely acclaimed E-learning platform ASKnLearn.”

“We are very pleased to form a JV with Shenton Co., Ltd. Shenton has deep expertise in holistic education management and policy, leadership and operations in Myanmar. Our vision is to help children learn in a fun, engaging and effective way. We are happy to bring the Right On Top Programme into Myanmar to contribute to the development of the early learning sector in Myanmar.” said Mr. Yee Jenn Jong, CEO of The Learning Grid Group.

Shenton and The Learning Grid are working together to establish our first Right On Top Programme JV centers in 2017, that is projected to have 300 students by 2018. Our JV also has the licensing rights to the full range of English and creative art programmes by The Learning Grid Group, including art based on the methods of renowned TV artist Øistein Kristiansen. The JV’s leadership team will be co-located at Shenton Co., Ltd headquarters in Yangon.

About Shenton Co., Ltd (Myanmar)
Shenton Co., Ltd is a 100% foreign-owned education service provider incorporated in Myanmar. With 2 schools in Yangon, Shenton is a holistic education management, policy, leadership and operations solutions provider.
Learn more about us at www.temasekcollege.com

About The Learning Grid Group (Singapore)
The Learning Grid Group is founded by education entrepreneurs Mr Yee Jenn Jong and Ms Sharon Ngoi, who have earlier started ASKnLearn Pte Ltd and took it from a 4-man start-up in 2000 into a major e-learning player in Asia with 150 employees and clients in 7 Asian countries. ASKnLearn was sold to a public listed firm in 2007. The founders left the company in 2009 and had since established other ventures in education using The Learning Grid as the vehicle. Learn more about us at www.12learn.net

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